Every now an then it is not uncommon to hear someone saying “I heard it’s good but I’m too scared” which baffles the majority of women as they wonder why something with such a good reputation could scare someone away. After a little research we have realized there are many people who are scared to try the wand simply because they’ve heard it’s too powerful. They don’t understand that you could use it on a gentler setting.

When people see the Magic Wand in stores they see straight away how strong it is. Just by turning it on you can hear a powerful buzz. For some this is very exciting but for toy novices it could seem a little too much. However, there has been nothing but positive feedback for the Hitachi Magic Wand. The fact that it is stronger, louder and sturdier makes it a better toy. Just hearing the special buzz of the wand excites many people and makes it one of the most popular toys even after 30 years.
For the newbies who are trying it for the first time try these tips to ease yourself into the best massager ever:

Why Do Some Fear The Hitachi Magic Wand?


Magic Wand Massager

1. Don’t rush it, start off slow and steady until you find a speed that you are comfortable with.

2. Use something to diffuse the power. A towel, blanket or a pillow will do the job nicely.

3. Make sure your prep yourself. By using some lube you can minimise any irritation cause from being too dry.

4. Try different things, there are many attachments that have been designed to go along with the Hitachi Magic Wand. Try a few to see what sensation you enjoy best. The two most sort after attachments are the Wonder Wand and the G Spotter.

5. Don’t be selfish share it. If you are hesitant to use it for the first time why not try it with your partner. A few gentle vibrations here or there while sticking to the main course is a good way to introduce toys into the bedroom. Many men have been known to love the wand too.


There are many ways you can use the magic massager to spice up the bedroom. There’s no need to be hesitant. As long as you don’t go putting it up to maximum level right off the bat the massager will do nothing but benefit your love life. Remember, like with any bedroom play you need to get yourself in the mood, start off slow, prep yourself and have a lot of fun! If you are ready to leave your inhibitions behind and take the leap to the best wand ever your can check out the massager and attachments here.

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