where to buy the hitachi magic wand original retailers best price cheap

Where to buy

  • Maxiwand.com | $69.99 $64.99 with coupon code SAVE5

    (free shipping)

  • goodvibes.com | $73.45 ($54.95 + $18.50 shipping)

  • babeland.com | $75.61 ($54.95 + tax + $14.50 shipping)

  • walmart.com | Discontinued (was $74.95 + free shipping)

  • adameve.com | $79.95 (free shipping)

Don’t buy until you read this!

Do you want to find the best price for the Hitachi Magic Wand?

Of course you do! I totally understand that. When I shop, I love getting a bargain too!

But be careful!

Many people who buy the Magic Wand end up being ripped off… I want to help you avoid this problem and save money, so I listed two important ways to not get ripped off below. 

(I strongly recommend that you take 30 seconds to read below, but if you prefer to skip to my ‘where to buy’ section, feel free to click here)

1 – Fakes and Counterfeits

Beware of FAKE Magic Wands sold on Amazon & Ebay!

Beware of FAKE Magic Wands sold on Amazon & Ebay! Of course Amazon and Ebay have the cheapest prices… because the Magic Wands sold there are not genuine! They are counterfeit replicas with weak vibrations. Avoid buying on Amazon and Ebay to not get ripped off.

2 – Hidden Shipping Fees

Beware of websites selling the Magic Wand for only $54.95.

shipping fees when buying the Hitachi magic wand for cheap

Beware of websites selling the Magic Wand for only $54.95. These websites only offer free shipping when you spend over $75-$100 so you’ll end up buying things you don’t need just to get free shipping… which is a waste of money. If you only want one Magic Wand, it’s better to avoid these sites and save money!

Ready for intense orgasms?

retailers of the Magic Wand Original and Hitachi wand vibrator and massager)

Where To Buy The Hitachi Magic Wand Massager

Where to buy the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager? DO NOT BUY FROM EBAY OR AMAZON! With tons of fake and counterfeit Hitachi products being sold on Ebay and Amazon, it is strongly recommended that you buy a genuine wand from one of the authorized Hitachi Magic Wand retailers listed below. Hitachi sets a compulsory minimum retail price on this product, so it doesn’t matter which retailer you buy it from, the price will be the similar (If you find it for a cheap to-good-to-be-true price on Ebay or Amazon, you are most likely about to buy a fake, counterfeit wand).

Hitachi magic wand best price, cheapest price, lowest price

We Offer The BEST PRICE!

If you shop online, the BEST PRICE for the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager is right here on Maxiwand.com. $69.99 ($54.95 + shipping fees). Many online retailers, including us, prefer to include the shipping fees in their price and offer free shipping. The wholesale price for retailers is $36 + shipping, so no retailer can offer free shipping at $54.95 otherwise they would incur a loss. We recommend to buy online instead of at a retail store as most stores will sell the Magic Wand massager for way more than us to cover their operating costs (electricity, rent, wages etc.).

Buy From the U.S. or Canada ONLY!

One important thing to note is that Hitachi does not authorize retailers to sell the magic wand massager outside of USA and Canada as it only runs on 120v voltage. So if you buy it from any other country, it is most likely fake. Even if customers buy a real Hitachi from a non-official distributor outside of America, and they use it with a converter, this will void their warranty, so it is not recommended. Please also note that if you find any ‘Hitachi’ massager that costs less than $54.95, it is DEFINITELY FAKE as Hitachi and Vibratex’s wholesaler agreements forces retailers to sell it at $54.95 or higher. We know because we had to sign this agreement as well.

220v-240v Hitachi Magic Wand Alternative

We offer a 220v-240v Hitachi Magic Wand alternative: The Europe Magic Wand. This alternative massager is just as powerful as the Hitachi. If you are located outside of North America, the closest thing you can get to a real Hitachi is the Europe Magic Wand Massager. It supports any international voltage from 100v-240v, so it can be used in any country and region around the world, making it the perfect travel companion. Even our American customers can still use it on 120v mains after coming back from overseas holiday. You can also check out some other sex toys and vibrators similar to the Hitachi in your local sex shops in Australia, in adult shops in Canada or in sex shops the UK. I personally found a lot of lists of sex shops in Australia on websites like Wixi, as well as Zap Zap, and on Kika and last but not least, on Blogify. For adult shops in the UK check out Wifoo. I don’t know how often these websites are updated but it’s worth having a look.

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