What Makes The Hitachi Magic Wand So Magical?

Magic In The Making

Ever since it’s release in the early 1970s the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager has gained much attention and over the years it is still the most sort after adult toy. There have been many new adult toys released since then for the adult industry but many women still come back to the wand massager from Hitachi time after time. What is it that makes it the most desirable and long living toy in history? Is it the simple long lasting design that many females relate to pleasure and comfort. Whatever the reason the magic wand vibrator has a place in everyone’s heart and will not be outdone by any other sex toy.


Why It’s The Best

There are many theories about the wand suggesting why it has proven to be the best. One of them is that fact that it is made in Japan. It is a well-known fact that Japanese craftsmanship is superior to its neighboring countries, Taiwan and China, where most adult’s toys are manufactured. This makes it a quality product that lasts generations, that is something to be talked about indeed.

The simple design, featuring only two speeds, allows the user to relax and enjoy the sensations without having to fiddle with any other functions. The wand also has unmatched power, with most females saying the higher speed is too intense for them. Many reviews also suggest using it with towel to reduce the power of the vibrations.

The quality and power of the product allows you to use it for many years. Only having to purchase a new attachment to try something different. Making it a versatile and affordable product when compared to many other toys.

hitachi magic wand massager photo


Enjoy It Now

Whatever the reason is, the Hitachi Magic Wand has withstand the test of time. While many other toys have been busy changing its design and colors to be the latest and greatest in adult fun. The wand, without changing its design, is still a favorite toy in many households. Proving that perhaps the wand does have magical powers?

Now with the Internet, it has never been easier or more discreet for you to try it for yourself. See if what everyone has been talking about for over 30 years is true. Lay the rumors to rest and try for yourself today.