With the popularity of the Hitachi Magic Wand continually growing all around the world whther it is to use it as a vibrator or for muscle therapy it is no surprise that there are opportunists trying to turn that into their favor by selling replicas and passing them off as the real deal!

A quick search online on two of the most popular online sales platform, eBay and Amazon, and you will find replicas of items from clothes, shoes, handbags and even magic massagers. What does this mean for consumers and how do you spot a fake?

Of course it is easy to spot a fake Hitachi when you can pick it up and compare the difference but that is not something you can do when shopping online. The real Magic Wand massager is a lot heavier and sturdier then the replicas. To make sure you avoid buying a fake Hitachi Magic Wand you should always buy from a verified retailer.

Remember that the massager is not available for sale outside of the United States and Canada. Therefore, people who offer the sale of the wand to customers located in other countries around the world are already raising the red flag.


Before taking the leap and purchasing from these places make sure you ask them if it is the genuine product. Some places do sell the real thing with a transformer but please note that the warranty is voided if you use the wand outside of the United States or Canada like if you use it in Europee.

Any wands that come with an adapter that is not for USA or Canada is also suspect. There are many sellers online stating that they sell the genuine Hitachi wand with a different country plug for your convenience. As the wand is only made for the United States and Canada they simply don’t come with the option of other power plugs.

Remember, spending a few more bucks to get a genuine Magic Wand will actually save you money in the long run as it won’t break on you, unlike cheap replicas! To avoid purchasing a fake massager you should by from a verified retailer who has an agreement with Vibratex, the sole importer of magic wands, remember anyone can list anything on eBay or Amazon and they can be based anywhere around the world. For more information or to check out the real Hitachi Magic wand you can visit this page.

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