Using The Hitachi Magic Wand With Your Partner

Many couples choose to use a few toys in the bedroom every now and then to spice up their love lives. It’s easy for routine to settle in and things can get a little dull. Being one of the most popular toys in history the Hitachi Magic Wand makes a frequent appearance in the bedroom to help couples spice things up. The magic massager has been a staple in many women’s lives as it is one of the most popular adult toys around the world. There are many ways to use toys in the bedroom and below are some tips for using the magic wand with your partner.

A simple way to use the Hitachi magic wand is by using it without any attachments. Simply use the rounded head and vibrations to stimulate yourself and your partner. When using the wand in the bedroom make sure you pick a place that has a power plug close by. Nothing kills the mood more then an interruption of that sort.

toy cleaner for Hitachi magic wand

You can try using the wand in many different positions and take turns using the massager to relieve any stress or tension before getting into more serious play. The wand can be used either on it’s own or with the attachments. There are many ways to use the wand in the bedroom and the only limit is your imagination. However when using the wand, or any other toy, in the bedroom make sure you practice safe and hygienic habits. Always clean toys after each use with a recommended toy cleaner.

With the wand you have the option of using it with attachments. The two most recommended attachments are the G Spotter and the Wonder Wand. These two are often bought when purchasing the wand itself. Using an attachment gives the user a variety of options when it comes to different stimulation options. The attachments can be used internally as well as externally. To read more on the Magic Wand click here.

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