5 Tips for Talking to Your Partner About Using Sex Toys

If you already know how to use sex toys alone, you’ll be pleased to know using them with your partner doesn’t necessarily have to be different. At the same time, you’ll probably have some questions.

You can use most of the toys that you masturbate with during partner play as well, but the prospect of using toys with a partner comes with many exciting new opportunities in terms of techniques that need another pair of hands. At any rate, toys are always a good way to supplement your usual practices. This article shares all you need to know, from getting creative to choosing the best sex toys for you and your partner.

Why not Experiment?

Perhaps you’re not sure you should be using toys at all. That’s fine; they’re not for every couple. However, they’re worth experimenting with for many reasons. They are fun and they provide stimulation that’s otherwise impossible to achieve. Women in particular need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm most of the time.

Of course, you don’t need a toy to touch your clit, but it can help, especially if you require more intense and extensive stimulation and your or your partner’s hands get tired. Some people can’t come without a toy and there’s nothing embarrassing about that.

Even if we don’t consider orgasms – they are not mandatory for everyone – toys can lead you to sensations that you simply wouldn’t experience without them.

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Toys for Couples 

In this section, we’ll introduce the most common toys and accessories for couples. Some toys can be used for penetration to provide sensation for the penis, the clit, the G-spot, and more. The best ones can stimulate all of those at the same time.

Start With Vibrators

When you approach couples’ toys, make sure you take it slow. Both of you should feel comfortable with the toy you choose. Start with the basics if you don’t have any or enough experience. Talk about what would excite you, what you want to try, and anything that you wouldn’t go near. When in doubt, know that vibrators are a good place to start. There are different sizes, shapes, and ways to use them. Vibrators for two keep both parties happy because they stimulate the shaft, the clit, the scrotum, and the head of the penis.

Proceed to Dildos

This category includes anal plugs and strap-ons; basically, anything that can be used for penetration, be it anal or vaginal. Even oral is an option. Dildos and vibrators can overlap. There are many plugs and dildos that double as vibrators and vice versa. An interesting variation on the classic dildo is a sticky dildo. Also known as a suction cup dildo, this toy gives you twice the fun because it can be used by hand or enjoyed completely hands-free.

BDSM toys

BDSM accessories or toys introduce new and unique sensations once you’re past the basics. Some practitioners insist on calling them accessories. However, you choose to term them, do take them into consideration. They include blindfolds, bondage tape, leashes, whips, nipple clamps, and everything else that helps people indulge in all five senses.

Role Reversal Toys

Pegging, where a woman penetrates a man with a strap-on, is becoming more and more popular. As gay and bi men have always known, anal and prostate stimulation can be highly pleasurable. It can be very exciting for straight men too. Pegging is also an interesting way to reverse roles, like penetrating someone who usually penetrates you.

Remote Controlled Toys

The toys in this category are a bit more complicated. If you have the time and interest, you might explore one of these for clitoral stimulation. These toys are not unlike a magnet inside a pair of panties. They come with a remote, which her partner has, and selects a setting, inducing a gentle electric current for clitoral stimulation.

The prospect of a toy that uses electric stimulation shouldn’t be scary. There are many such products and they have become quite popular. Some are more effective and practical than others. They are an investment to think carefully about because the best ones are by no means cheap.

The highest quality electric stimulation toys are guaranteed to be safe, reliable, and high-tech. They’re a good option if you don’t want your genitalia involved in new, unfamiliar acts. Adventurous lovers will find them a fantastic option. You’ll love the vast specter of sensations they bring.

Some of them are used to glide over sensitive body parts, analogical to an ice cube or feather. You might be interested in wands or TENS units if this sounds appealing. These provide deep skin and muscle penetration. The medical devices in this category are used to alleviate nerve pain. Those looking for more intense stimulation should seek out devices with attachments to augment the sensations from the current.

Introduce Sensation Play

The concept of playing with all senses is worth going in-depth into. The ways to get creative with your senses are practically innumerable when it comes to toys. In some cases, you don’t even need a highly specialized toy. One such case is where people experiment with temperature. For example, metal toys will retain their temperature when submerged in water. Toys that warm-up will feel great on sensitive body parts.

What Materials to Look For

The type of toy is not more important than the material it’s made of. Don’t buy toys made of jelly or PVC because these materials are porous and trap bacteria. No amount of cleaning will help. If you have already bought toys made of jelly or PVC, put a condom on them. If not, go for glass, metal, or silicone.

To extend the life of your toys, wash them with antibacterial soap and lukewarm water, then leave them in the air to dry. You can wash them in the dishwasher unless they have electronic parts or are battery-operated.

Shop for Toys Together

This is a great way to build up excitement and anticipation, especially for beginners. It’s also an amazing opportunity to discuss your interests.