Tips For Making Your Genitalia Larger

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Many men are self-conscious about the size of their penis, hence experiencing a lack of self-confidence, emotional problems, or even erectile dysfunction, induced by anxiety. Apart from practicing stretching exercises, males looking for genital extension are advised to look for a penis extender.

These medical devices are designed to increase the length and girth of the male organ, both in the flaccid and erectile state. Penis stretchers should be worn for no longer than four hours daily in order to prevent injuries and discomfort.

In case you are looking for a genital extension solution, the following tips will help you purchase the right instrument.

Select the right type

The first thing to consider when buying a penis extender is choosing between a noose and a strap stretcher. In order for this device to provide the necessary support, it should be fastened properly, either with a noose or a strap.

Noose extenders are shaped in the form of a slim tube, made from body-safe silicone. The noose is supposed to fit around the head of the male organ, hence minimizing the risk of slippage. Nevertheless, these instruments are infamous for causing constriction and discomfort in users shortly after wearing them.

Strap extenders, on the other hand, come in the form of wide rubber devices. Although these instruments are known to provide greater comfort, the likelihood of slippage is incredibly high. Due to the softness of the material, these are more susceptible to shifting, sliding, and stretching.

Consider the material

Another important consideration when purchasing a penis stretcher is the quality of its material. These instruments are supposed to be made from non-porous, skin-safe materials that allow users to wear them comfortably throughout the day without causing any type of allergic reaction.

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Moreover, pure silicone is considered one of the safest, anti-allergenic materials, also used in the production of sex toys. Make sure you inspect the material of the support rods, as these are incredibly prone to rust. In order to prevent corrosion, opt for a model with stainless steel support rods, not one with rods made from inferior plastic. Read more about the key properties and multiple uses of silicone.

Check out the effectiveness

The effectiveness of penis extenders should be thoroughly inspected prior to purchasing such a device for the purpose of genitalia enlargement. Most manufacturers promise highly effective results, but you aren’t supposed to trust them all. Keep in mind that manufacturers would do anything to sell their products, even if it means lying about the number of millimeters users would gain from wearing them.

Furthermore, it’s paramount for the penis stretcher to be labelled as a medical device, as well as backed up with comprehensive studies. Never purchase such an extender unless it’s already tested and the studies go in its favor. Make sure you look for product reviews by customers that have been using a penis extender for a while. Their experience might be helpful in choosing a device that provides real gains.

Consider the tension force

Another indispensable factor to consider when purchasing such an instrument is its tension force. Penis stretchers can be equipped with both low and high tension force, mainly depending on the capability of the user to handle the pressure.

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For instance, beginners are strongly advised against purchasing an extender with high tension force, as it tends to be overwhelming for users with no previous experience in using such instruments. Make sure the model you buy enables you to adjust the tension in accordance with your preferences. Perhaps you’ll waste more time on the augmentation process but at least you won’t be experiencing discomfort and pain.

Don’t overlook the product’s user-friendliness

User-friendliness is of essential importance when looking for a penis extender. Since these instruments consist of multiple pieces, it’s paramount for the product to come with a detailed instruction manual in order for you to finish the assembly quickly and effectively.

In addition, the stretcher is supposed to be straightforward in terms of assembling and taking it apart. Some devices require users to remove them after wearing them for a few hours in order to rest the organ and put them back on after the break. As you’ll most likely go through this process at work, make sure the assembly and disassembly take no longer than a few minutes.

Consider safety

In order to prevent any type of unnecessary injuries, one is supposed to pay extreme attention to the safety of these devices. The penis extender you buy is expected to have appropriate mechanisms to prevent pinching. Stay away from models with sharp components, made from rough materials, which cause both injuries and infections.

To be on the safe side, every user should follow some safety tips when using a penis stretcher. For instance, the instrument isn’t supposed to be used longer than 4 hours per day or be worn while sleeping at night. The bed covers might get knotted in the stretcher, hence injuring the user. It’s also important to refrain from using the device at least one day a week in order for the organ to heel.

The only way to hope for maximum gains is by giving up most of your unhealthy habits, such as smoking. Make sure you take multi-vitamins as well as apply vitamin E on the organ after taking it off. When wearing the extender at work, you’re recommended to wear loose pants so as to avoid skin irritation.

Look for warranty

The ultimate factor to consider when looking for a penis extender is the warranty period that comes with the product. Beware of manufacturers that offer no warranty, as these products are likely to be of low quality. Paying a higher price for such a device might be necessary in order to be provided with a long guarantee period.

Seek the advice of a sex coach for men

Remember that the size of your penis is not the most important thing to have a good sex life. You can always talk to a sex coach for men and get advice on how to please women and have awesome performance in bed. 

I know that most men don’t like to seek counseling, but a sex coach for men can really help you overcome the anxiety that you have regarding the size of your penis, and make your sex life more fun by teaching you other things about sex.

Bottom line

The size of your organ should no longer make you anxious and insecure.

A genital extension device is the thing you need!