Sexting and Sextoys: How To Use Them Together


Sexting… it’s not really an action word now, is it? Sex toys… although it is a noun it feels much more like an action word. Today, we are going to uncover (pun intended) what happens when you combine a hot sexting session with sex toys.

It’s mentally stimulating to think about having sex with someone, now we can also play out these sexual acts with a little assistance from silicone. And beyond!

What’s the easiest sex toy to incorporate into a sext chat?

Source: Lelo

By far the easiest sex toy to incorporate into your sexting sessions is the Lelo Lily 2. Most people make the critical mistake of going too big with their first sex toys. It’s important to start small and work your way up to different sizes. This sex toy model is quiet, small, and for external use on both men and women. This means that your sext chat partner, regardless of sex, can also use one in simulation with you. Did we just break the fifth wall on sex chat?

The Lelo is re-chargeable by USB cord. This makes it excellent for travel and long-distance lovers. It can discreetly be carried in a purse or laptop case due to its small size. Start sexting your partner when you’re en route to a destination telling them all the ways you want to engage with them. Teasing about all the ways you want to use your new toy together. Then, when you reach your final destination it’s time to tell your partner exactly where you want them to use this toy and vice versa. This type of play builds a lot of rapport between partners which only enhances a relationship.

What is the most interactive sex toy to add to a sext chat?

The most interactive sex toy is definitely the Hitachi Magic Wand. The Hitachi is a major staple in the online cam girl community. If you have ever browsed an adult camming site it will not take you long before you see the Hitachi Magic Wand in the hands of one of their performers. It’s earned a solid reputation for being interactive and incredibly powerful when it comes to stimulating females and also males. This is why it is a must-add to your sext chat sessions. Your partner can easily guide you and the controls to take over how much stimulation you are receiving. This makes it fun and sexy at the same time. It’s an external stimulator that can be used on a multitude of erogenous zones, not just your genitalia. It can also be used as a body massager. In fact, the Hitachi Magic Wand actually started out as a body massager.

Hot tip: You can start with a relaxing neck massage and then end with an orgasm all by using the same device.

All you need to do is plug it in and you’re ready to set the tone for your sexting fantasy with your playmate. Roll dice to pick which body parts to use this device on next and that will make things much more interesting.

My partner is vanilla, how do I approach the subject of sex toys?

Luckily, our top sex toy picks for sexting with your partner are both external stimulators. Meaning for someone who is more Vanilla in taste it’s not nearly as extreme to incorporate sex toys into their relationship or into a sexting session together. With the body massager, you can simply start with a body massage, then you can suggest using it on less traditionally massaged areas. This makes the entire act of using a sex toy feel a lot more natural and adventurous, rather than intimidating, extreme, and kinky.

Those who fall more on the Vanilla spectrum of sexuality don’t want to be seen as kinky. They enjoy the intimacy factor when they have sex, when you play into that you can still have a lot of fun together that’s less taboo and more engaging.

Your sex chat is your oyster, time to get creative!

These are just two examples of  creative ways to use sex toys and how you can enhance your pleasure. Whether you are riding solo or you have a partner, another great option you have is to invite a third into your sext chat scenario! Arousr is an excellent way to find a discreet sext chat partner to add some variety to your virtual sex lives.

We’ve seen plenty of both singles and couples use this platform to give some variety between partners. The fact that you don’t even have to be on camera to sext with a sex chat host makes it even more intriguing and less invasive for couples and singles alike.

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