Where It All Started

It was first made available to the public market in the 1970s and today it is still the most searched for massager online. After so many years why is the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager still the most preferred adult toy? Well, simple put, it does the job. It’s reliable and never let’s you down in your time of need and that’s why so many shop stock, and frequently sell out of, this massager.

It may look like a simple design but the simplicity of it is where the wand succeeds over other magic wand massagers. The design makes it easy to use and for most females it is a good first timer toy, as it doesn’t look intimidating. There is also a choice of using it on it’s own or with attachments if you are more adventurous.

Simply The Best

Even though the design has been kept simple, there are still many features that make the wand an amazing vibrator. The original version was manufactured in Japan and featured a one-piece 2.5-inch foam head and a durable bendable neck. There are two speed options, low and high, depending on how intense you like the vibrations. For most females the low speed and vibration option is about all the stimulation they can handle.

Although initially designed to be a back massager it didn’t take long for it to be enjoyed in a more personal way. It started gaining popularity and good reviews as an adult toy in 1974 when Betty Dodson recommended it in her book. From them it started to get featured in books, adult demonstrations and workshops as the best female toy. As the demand for this massager grew it became more commonly stocked in adult stores then anywhere else and was officially sold as an adult toy in 1977 by Good Vibrations.

information about the Hitachi magic wand vibrator and adult toy

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How The Competition Stacks Up

Over the years there have been many rivals who have tried to copy the Hitachi magic wand massager and have failed. Many other companies try to look famous and even buy Facebook likes from dodgy websites just to pretend they are as good as the Hitachi, but the truth is that the Hitachi vibrator has grown a reputation over decades with pretty much no marketing at all, just word of mouth, that’s how great this wand massager is! No one seems to be able to get the feel, structure and power of it right. There have been some equally amazing toys released since then but many women still prefer the power and simplicity of the magic wand original. The fact that it was designed for physical pain relief and doesn’t look like an adult toy or a dildo may also be an added reason to its popularity.

Not only is it simple to use it is also reasonably priced considering what stores are charging now for other vibrators. The Hitachi vibrator sells for less than $100 which is cheaper than most other vibrators out there, and it comes with a 1-year warranty. This warranty covers all defects with the exception of water damage. As it is an electrical product it is not waterproof and should not be used near water.

There are good reasons why the magic wand original (formerly the magic wand massager by Hitachi) is still so popular after so many years and is still being referred to as the best massager ever. You never know until you try and if you don’t like it for personal use you can still use it as a back massagers. How can you go wrong with that?

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