G-Spot attachment:

G-Spot attachments and accessories for the hitachi magic wand original massager
hitachi magic wand attachments and accessories

The G-Spot stimulator attachment turns your Magic Wand into a ‘2 in 1’ vibrator. It offers multiple options for both external and internal stimulation. You can use the back, round part for a nice, diffused stimulation. You can also use the tip of the attachment for clitoris stimulation or use the entire attachment internally for deep G-Spot stimulation.

The G-Spot attachment is firm and flexible at the same time and provides the perfect texture, stiffness and angle for ultimate G-Spot stimulation. When you are using it internally, you have the options of using it with or without vibrations. This attachment turns your Magic Wand into a ‘2 in 1’ sex toy: you can use it as a vibrator, or as a dildo…. or as a vibrating dildo! You’ll never have to reach for another sex toy ever again :)

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