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People still can’t reach a consensus about the way sex toys affect a relationship. While many embrace the idea, others still look down on adult toys and don’t consider them a normal part of an intimate routine.

The truth of the matter is easy to understand. As long as sex toy use is consensual and properly discussed with a partner, it can add a brand new (positive) dimension to a relationship. If you’re thinking about the possibility, you should definitely explore the following ways in which adult toys are going to impact your partnership.

Sex Toys Build Trust

Bringing up the subject and having an honest conversation about your sexual needs requires trust and a bit of vulnerability.

Yes, some people don’t have a problem bringing sex toys in the bedroom when a casual encounter is taking place.

When you are in a committed relationship, however, the situation takes on a whole new dimension. The opinion of your partner matters. And you definitely don’t want to freak them out by proposing the addition of dildos or vibrators to your regular routine.

If you are with the right person, you can see an incredibly positive result by suggesting sex toy use. You need to trust each other to discuss the idea, to bring a new item into the bedroom, and to play out a kink or a fantasy. Ultimately, your relationship will become stronger and more fulfilling. All that you have to do is bring up the subject at a time when both of you will be ready to experiment with something new.

More Fulfilling Sex Life

Do we need to talk about why sex is so important in a relationship?

Unless two people have fairly low sex drives or they’re asexual, physical intimacy is an absolute requirement for a fulfilling partnership.

Many people come together because of good sex in the first place. Eventually, the passion will subside and the steaminess of bedroom encounters will go down. It takes a bit of effort to make sex fulfilling and exciting in a long-term relationship. Adult toys provide one of the best opportunities for accomplishing the goal.

The right sex toy will enable many new experiences. Temperature play, anal play, vibrating toys, toys for couples, and even toys that can be used remotely will bring the thrill back into the intimate experience.

You don’t need to go hardcore (if that’s not your thing) to keep sex spicy and fun. Anything that is out of your usual routine and that both the two of you are curious about can turn into a nice little diversion. And once you start spicing things up, your appetite for brand new experiences will probably grow and you’ll keep on adding to that adult toy collection.

Learning More about Pleasure

Unfortunately, little has changed over the decades when it comes to sexual communication. While we are living in a sex-positive society, many people are still finding it very difficult to talk to a partner about their needs and preferences.

When communication isn’t open and honest, there’s a risk of someone (or both people) coming out of an intimate experience dissatisfied.

This is another intimate dimension that can be changed through the use of sex toys.

Learning about your partner’s toy preferences and using those can teach you a lot about their pleasure centers and how they like to be stimulated.

Good sex is all about getting to know each other. The use of adult toys provides a ton of useful information. From preferred intensity to preferred erogenous zones, you will find out stuff that your significant other was probably hesitant to share before.

It’s a well-known fact that many people need a bit of additional stimulation to climax and make sex amazing. There’s nothing wrong with using the right tools to accomplish that goal. While extreme pleasure isn’t the only aspect of sex worth focusing on, it’s definitely deserving of some special attention.

There Is Always Room for Improvement!

Even if you feel that your sex life is absolutely amazing right now, there’s always room for growth and improvement.

As already mentioned, sex toys come in all shapes and sizes. I recently can across Hotcherry adult toys and have been amazed by the diversity of sex toys they have. I encourage you to do a little experiment and get yourself a toy. It can be a small clitoral stimulator or a massage wand. You have no idea about the intensity and appeal of such experiences until you give them a try.

Don’t turn down something you’re unfamiliar with just because your sex is amazing right now. Eventually, you may need to switch thing up. Even if you don’t have to, chances are that you’re still curious about the experience. When you give it a try, you can determine whether sex toy use is just right for you or if you’d prefer to stick to sex without additional props and accessories

No Pressure

Here’s another very important benefit of using sex toys with a partner that doesn’t get spoken about all too often.

When having sex with a partner, most people feel pressured to perform. This applies to both men and women. Unrealistic expectations and porn are often to blame. Also, people who love each other are always willing to work extra-hard to ensure a partner’s pleasure.

Sex toys can easily eliminate pressure from sexual experience.

The right toy can ensure mind-blowing orgasms every single time. Giving each other such intense experiences will allow you to focus on the fun time you’re having and forget about all other considerations.

And when pressure is off the table, pleasure also becomes much more likely. We’re all aware of the fact that the right mindset is of paramount importance for good sex. Letting go of inhibitions and worries isn’t always easy. This is why some additional tools will always come in handy (both literally and metaphorically).

Reliving That Early Excitement

Here’s one final little perk that’s also worth mentioning.

Going to a sex store together or looking at a toy catalog online will definitely be a lot of fun. It will get you giddy and excited. Sharing a new experience with your partner provides an opportunity to have a little bit of fun. You can get silly, you can laugh or feel sexy and aroused about the entire endeavor.

Anything new you explore together is going to be thrilling. The prospect of buying a sex toy is as exciting as using it for the very first time. It’s a bonding experience and an intimate moment you are going to share solely with that special someone.

As you can see, talking about sex toys and getting into the details of buying some will benefit your relationship.

Don’t be afraid of bringing up the topic.

Most people are worried their partners wouldn’t react in a positive way but this is usually not the case. A person that loves and desires you will be willing to embark on a brand new sexual adventure. All you have to do is choose the right moment for the conversation and approach the topic in a respectful manner. Listen to what your partner has to say and if both of you are on the same page, move on to giving your sex life a nice little boost.