How can a woman get mind-blowing orgasms?

Not every woman on the planet depends on a men for their pleasure but some take the matter in their own hands to ensure that the men don’t ruin it for them. Some of you might even have a guy around and still can’t wait to treat yourself any time soon. Especially, in times like this when we’re all stuck at home doing nothing and meeting nobody, it’s important that we explore our bodies to the best potential. If you’re one of those women we mentioned, check out some great techniques and tips for your mind-blowing masturbating experience! (If you are a man reading this article right now, check out some tips for men on this blog called The Rack Up).

Set the mood

No it’s not always important to get right into the sexual activities since some mood-setting can really impact your experience of treating yourself alone. Light some scented candles, and play the music you love! You’ll find yourself diving into the mood and respecting this alone time above everything. You’ll soon start to love yourself way more than you did and you won’t need to depend on somebody else for the pleasure that you and your body deserve.


Sync your touch and breath

We all know how sexy heavy breaths can sound. Now, that’s not just the case with your partner because when you’re treating yourself, it might prove to be that turning on the factor that surprisingly proves best for you. Also, don’t just start out with your vagina but feel your body from the top just like you’d love for a guy to do to you. Run those fingers into your hair and feel your face. Love yourself, pamper yourself, and turn yourself on with every body part of yours. Move slowly to your breasts, and do everything a guy can do to them. Remind yourself that you don’t need a guy but only yourself for providing the pleasure that you deserve.

Now, with every sensual touch, sync your breath. As hard as the touch gets, heavier your breath. You won’t even know when you came even before touching your vagina.


Make the movements 

Now stand, bend, and do everything while touching your vagina. Put those fingers to use like a guy never would. Explore yourself and know what pleases you. For all those times that a guy disappointed you with his fingers, treat yourself this time. Add variety! One finger, two fingers, three, and more. Make every possible movement until you know you’ve come and received all that pleasure you were seeking.


Use those best sex toys in the market

sex toy egg

Even though you can easily masturbate without a sex toy, it’s always a better experience with them. For example, SVAKOM’s vibrating love egg Elva! This vibrating love egg is literally everything that you would want for the solo action since it has 26 different frequencies that can go on for a long time. Control it with a remote while you enjoy the action down there. Even if you’re traveling, this vibrating love egg will make the best companion since every moment that you feel horny, you can use it. It’s so tiny that anyone will hardly notice you playing with it anywhere. You can find this sex toy at your local sex shop in Los Angeles or in other cities.

Good luck with the adventure alone. Again, you really don’t need a guy as long as you know what turns you on. Your fingers and the vibrating love egg can do wonders for you. Pleasing yourself is now super easy and convenient for sure. Don’t miss out and get to the action. The more you do it, the better it gets. Your body awaits you for all the exploration it needs and all the pleasure it deserves. Make sure that you give it that.