Adult toys don’t come very cheaply today. In the race to produce the best and most advance toys, manufacturers are putting up their prices to come across as the top, most exclusive, toy manufacturer. With toys costing at well above the $100 dollar mark you can’t really afford to be trying all the available offerings to find the perfect toy for yourself. This is where purchasing the Hitachi Magic Wand can save you money.

How the Hitachi Magic Wand can save you money

It cost way less then most of the other decent quality toys available – for something of this quality the wand retails at a bargain price. It sits nicely below the $100 dollar price tag making it a viable option for most people. Yes you can purchase toys for $10 or $20 dollars but those are just toys for newbies and teenagers. They don’t last and don’t provide the power necessary to get most people off.

Value for money – sometimes it is not the actual price tag but the value we get for the money we pay. If you buy something for $20 and it breaks it two weeks you still feel ripped off. If you pay $100 for something that last a lifetime you will think it’s really cheap. It’s all about price per use. In this case the Magic Wand has been known to outlive many and therefore it is a great buy when considering value for money.

The Hitachi Magic Wand Can Save You Money


Wonder-Wand attachment

You only need the one toy – most people only own the one vibrating toy and a few accessories. You don’t need to have 4 toys that do the same thing. Having one quality product that last is quite enough.

There are many attachments available – if you ever do get bored of using the wand by itself then you can look into purchasing accessories to go along with it. There are many available as it is the most popular toy in history. Accessories also cost a lot less then going out and buying a brand new toy each time you get bored. You can check out the accessories and attachments available for the Hitachi Magic Wand here.

You don’t have to buy batteries – as the massager is powered by electricity from the wall you never have to worry about buying batteries. This saves you money and saves the environment. Cheaper toys usually offer battery powered devices as they can save money on not having to electrically certifying the toy. Buying the Hitachi Magic Wand means you are getting quality electronic equipment with the knowledge that it safe to use as it has done all the testing required, for example this review of the Europe magic wand talks about voltage and CE approval in Europe.

These are just a few of the reasons why the wand is your best bet and will save you money in the long run. There are many more and as you use it you will realize what a truly great purchase it can be for your physical, mental and financial health. Learn more about the wand, where to purchase it and its specifications here.


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