Hitachi Magic Wand Massager Review #5

I am Janet Mason and today I am going to review my favorite vibrator of all times: the Hitachi magic wand massager. What is great about this product, is that it doesn’t look like an erotic toy; it is marketed as a massager. Little did they know they had a wonder on their hands when they invented this! Every woman should own a Hitachi magic wand. I actually own 3 of them. I love this toy that much! And I am sure that thousands of women around the world also share my opinion as this is the most popular adult toy ever made.

Plug it in and let the magic happen

The thing about this product is that you do have a cord, so you have to plug it in an outlet. This is actually a good thing, because it makes it VERY powerful; the electric current adds a real ‘ROAR’ to it, that you just can’t get with battery operated toys.

Very simple to use

This product is very simple to use: It has a low and high function. I wouldn’t put this toy in the quiet category, so make sure that you will not bother anybody with the sound of its vibrations, or with the loud moaning that you will be doing while using it!


Using it with attachments

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Hitachi magic wand attachments review[/fusion_image]

It is fun by itself as a clitoral massager, because it’s very intense. Even on the lowest setting… ‘wow’. You can also use it with some Hitachi magic wand attachments, like the G-spot stimulator sold on this page. It’s a great little attachment, because if you don’t just want clitoral stimulation and you want a little insertion as well, you definitely need to get some of these attachment, as they make your experience even more fun and pleasurable. This one is made of a nice soft jelly, which is flexible so you can really bend it so that it really hits all those little spots that feel so good.


Never buy batteries again

It fits right over the head of the massager. Watch how it vibrates all the way to end end of the attachment, so the tips vibrates right against your G-spot, and it feels fabulous. When you buy the Hitachi magic wand and the attachment, you are definitely spending a bit more money, around $100, but bare in mind that you’ll never have to pay for batteries, and it is well worth it as this toy is the best vibrator in the world.

Never get caught again!

And again, it is almost the only adult toy that doesn’t look like an adult toy. This is really great, because if you forget to put it away and leave it out, you can just tell people that you had some muscle aches and you were using it on your neck…


Easy to clean

This product is not waterproof! This product is very easy to clean. Just slip the silicone head of the Hitachi and wash it with warm water. You can also wash the attachment the same way. I also use a toy cleaner to make sure that there is no bacteria on the toy, and then I wipe it off with a lint free cloth so you don’t get cotton fuzz balls on your toy. You certainly don’t want these inside of you next time you are using it.

To conclude my Hitachi magic wand review:

In conclusion: Guys, get your lady one of these and she will love you forever. Ladies, everyone of you should have one of these in their night stand. I hope that you found this review useful and that you will enjoy this toy as much as I do.