Hitachi Magic Wand Massager VS Other Massagers


Hitachi Magic Wand Massager VS Other Massagers

Hello, I am doctor Ruthie, relationship coach and author of I get to review a lot of great toys for adults. Lately I reviewed a couple of different wand massagers and wanted to share with you the differences between them. I hope you will enjoy this article.

What is the difference between the genuine Hitachi magic wand and other massagers?

The difference between the genuine Hitachi magic wand and other massagers is very simple: The Hitachi is more powerful (it was meant to be a back massager, that’s why). This can be a good thing or a bad thing, as some women find it too powerful, and some others absolutely LOVE it. If you find the Hitachi too powerful, you can just use it over your clothes or underwear, or use a towel or pillow on top of it to absorb and reduce the intensity of the vibrations.

#1: The Hitachi Magic Wand Massager ($69.95)

The Hitachi magic wand massager was the one that started it all. It is extremely powerful, and perfect for women who have difficulties having orgasms, especially if they have difficulties getting long lasting stimulation that is very intense. This product has been recommended by relationship therapists for a long time and is also sold as an actual therapeutic back massager. I’ve had this one for 10 years already and it still works really well. This item has been around for about 30 years, as you can tell by the design. Let’s take a look at how this thing works.

This is the strongest toy that anyone I know has ever experienced. It has a low and a high setting, and they are both really strong settings. It is very loud because it is so powerful. It also has an electric cord, which can be inconvenient if it gets tangled in your bed sheets, or if you want to use it away from a power outlet. Some love it because of this since it never runs out of batteries. It really is a matter of personal preferences. I always recommend putting an easy to clean Hitachi magic wand attachment on top of it.

#2: Rechargeable cordless copy – no brand ($75)

This one is similar in size to the Hitachi magic wand massager, but it is very different when it comes to weight. It is way lighter than the electric wand. It is a newer model and it is rechargeable. It wouldn’t expect it to last 10 years like the other wand massager but it is a quality toy that will last you a long time. It is less noisy than the other toy, because it is not as strong, but still good enough. You can also use the Hitachi magic wand accessories over the head of this product.

#3: Mystic wand – battery powered ($77)

Last but not least: The Mystic wand. this one is powered by disposable batteries: two AA batteries to be more precise. It is a lot quieter than the original magic wand massager. It is the least strong and the less noisy of the three. But it is very strong for such a small vibrator.

Hitachi magic wand review conclusion:

To conclude this Hitachi magic wand review and comparison, it really comes down to personal preferences. Some people would prefer not using batteries at all, and some people prefer the freedom of not having an electric cord attache to their magic wand. Some people will prefer to have a larger vibrating area, and others would rather have a smaller toy. If you want the strongest, most powerful vibrations, definitely go with the original Hitachi magic wand massager.

Remember that no matter which one you will be using, it is a good idea to put a condom over the head, or an attachment, because it will be way easier to clean it that way.

My name is Doctor Ruthie, and I hope that this product comparison between those 3 magic wand massagers will be help you make a good purchase decision. If you need more information about this wonderful product, click here for more Hitachi magic wand reviews.

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