Magic Wand Massager

Over the last 30 years there hasn’t been one adult product that has stood out so much as the Hitachi Magic wand, model HV250R. Even if you don’t know the name you would still be able to recognize it for what it is. The reason for this is because the wand hasn’t changed its look for 30 years. It has remained true to its form from its early days. When you look at other brands you can see how longevity pays off. Brands such as McDonalds, Playboy and Nike have always kept to the same logo and now are know for exactly that. But how did the Hitachi massager build its name and still has people recognizing it today for being the best adult toy?

To be honest, Hitachi never set off to claim the title of making the best adult toy ever. It just happened because it is so good. It was actually designed to be a massager for sore muscles and it probably does a good a job at that as well as other things. Once the word got out though there was no holding people back from trying it out. Either out of curiosity or disappointment from other toys, people just couldn’t resists the power of the magic wand.

hitachi magic

Not only is the massager popular with females is also has a strong male fan base. The fact that it is guarantee good time and it never lets you down has people coming back for more every time. After 3 generations the Hitachi wand is synonymously known for its strength, durability and power. It is no surprise that it has lasted this long while other toys have come and gone like one hit wonders.

The Magic wand is a toy that lasts and can be relied on and that is how it has made its name in history and is the Nike of adult toys. For all the specifications on the wand and to see why it’s so amazing check it out here.

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