The Magic Wand massager has been around for decades. It is something of a legend and is often referred to as the Cadillac of adult toys. Many toy bloggers use this massager as the basis of their toy reviews. This is because anyone who is a toy fan would have heard about it or somehow tried to get a hold of it. Unfortunately for many people, those being outside of North America, the wand is not available for sale in many countries. This means they have only heard about how amazing it is but not have had the pleasure of trying it for themselves.

There is a long and intricate history with the wand. Not surprising as it has been around for decades. The massager was first released by Hitachi as a back massager to relieve bodily aches and pains. It didn’t take long though for many females to discover it could be used for other bodily aches. In fact Betty Dodson, a sex educator, started using the Magic Wand as part of her demonstrations in the 70s.

The Hitachi Magic Wand has been featured in many magazines, guides books and even television appearances. When it was featured in the show Sex and the City it briefly sold out across America. It has received so many positive reviews and press about being the best-selling adult toy that Hitachi, the company the manufactures it, got a bit uncomfortable. To a point where they wanted to discontinue the massager.

Hitachi Magic Wand History


Hitachi Magic Wand attachment and accessory

As it is one of the best selling toys, Vibratex the distribution company, could see the huge losses if Hitachi stopped manufacturing the wand. They therefore convinced Hitachi to rebrand the item calling it the Magic Wand Original. This happened in 2013 along with minor modifications to the design and materials. In 2014 Vibratex reportedly sold 250,000 units of the Magic Wand. As you can see even with the turbulent history, the near demise of the item the wand still lives on. Without the Magic Wand Massager there would be many people missing out, as it is really the best thing when it comes to adult toys.

Not only is it revered to by adult toy bloggers it has often been a suggested form of treatment for many people who suffer from the inability of orgasm. In November 2014, Leah Millheiser, the assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Stanford School of Medicine, recommended it for helping improved sexual ability.

The history of the Magic Wand is an interesting one but the most important thing is that you can still get one today. Luckily someone stood up for this magical device and that women today can still enjoy its amazing ability to satisfy. Try one today![/two_third_last]

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