So your relationship has reached the next stage and you want to amp up the bedroom activities and are considering getting a shared adult toy. Not sure what to get to put together the perfect bedroom package? Here is a guide to why the Hitachi Magic Wand is the best toy to complement your bedroom activities.

The Magic Wand is the best, shared adult toy

The Hitachi Magic Wand is still considered the best vibrating toy available after 30 years in the industry. It’s priced reasonably, is of high quality and can be used on males and females. This is why it is the best option when you are considering purchasing a shared toy for you and your partner.

Enjoyed both by males and females – the Magic Wand is one of your best options as it caters to both females and male. The simply design allows you to apply the vibrating sensations to any body part. Making it easy to stimulate you and your partner.

hitachi magic


G-Spotter attachment

It can be used with attachments – making it a very versatile toy. Using an attachment means you can stimulate yourself and your partner internally. It also diffuses the vibrations for external stimulation, which means a towel, or pillow will not have to be used. Most people report that the wand is so strong that when using it on it’s own, without attachment, a towel should be used to soften the vibrations. When you have an attachment you won’t have to use a towel and this allows for your play to be more hassle free and without interruptions. Remember to practice safe procedures when using the wand and make sure attachments are clean after use.

Include lubricant in your bedroom kit – when using the wand with attachments it is advised that a lubricant is used for added sensations. Having lubricant on the ready is also suggested to complete your bedroom kit, as it can get awkward when something doesn’t feel right.

So to complete your shared toy drawer you should get yourself the Hitachi Magic Wand as it is the most versatile and enjoyed toy in history. Check out the attachments available to increase the versatility of the wand and make sure you have lubricant on the ready as well. This way whenever the mood strikes you are well prepared as with the Magic wand in USA or Europe.


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