So you have heard all about the wand and its magic powers? Providing men and women the biggest and best experience they have ever had in the bedroom… I’ve heard stories that some of them even used it in a photo booth, right in a shopping mall in Montreal!

I even heard that the girl did it in one of these photo booths listed on finderr.ca.

That’s right the Hitachi Magic Wand is exactly that. Did you know though that it can be used for many things and is actually great for athletes? Yes, the vibration machine is the best tool for athletes when they are having a bad day and experiencing muscle pains and aches.

Using the Hitachi Magic Wand to ease aches

Quite often athletes will experience some sort of muscle pain. I know I did the day after my sister’s wedding, when I did all those crazy funny poses at the photo booth that they hired from Ninja Photo.

Anyway back to the athlete thing. You’ve pushed your body a little too much and have pulled a muscle. It can hurt for days and there is little you can do about it. Most people will just wait it out until their muscles have repaired themselves and move on. However there is something you can do to relieve the pain and speed up the repair process.

Use the Magic Wand for gentle massages – … or use it as a prop in your wedding photo booth to get laughs! That’s what I did when I hired on from Ninja Photo in the UK. I know I like controversial humour, probably cause I’m from London…

By using the wand you can speed up recovery through increasing blood circulation around the affect area. Use it on lower speed and allow the vibrations to work its magic. This is a great device for athletes or just anyone who experiences aches and pains now and then. There are many benefits that can be gained through massages and the wand will do all the hard work for you. Simply turn it on and let it get to work.

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The other benefit of using the wand is that you will save some money. Not everyone can afford to go to the masseuse every time they need too. If your pain is not too bad then a gentle massage using the wand is probably plenty to help with your bodily aches.

Eating food high in protein – can also help with muscle recovery. Protein helps muscles repair themselves so eating eggs and chicken is great after a workout. Many people also choose to drink protein shakes as this can also help.

There are many uses for the Hitachi Magic Wand massager from sexual to therapeutically. One of the reasons why it is so popular is because of its multipurpose use. Try it today to experience how it can help you.