Oh the Hitachi Magic Wand, just saying the name out loud just makes me tremble. What is it about this amazing piece of technology that keeps people coming back for more, whether they are single or in a relationship? It has been around for more then thirty years and has been changing people’s lives ever since its release. It should be considered an artifact it the adult toy industry but users just do not want to retired this little piece of magic. In fact, after all these years, the wand is only going from strength to strength and seems to be accumulating even more of a following. Girls just simply have more fun with the Hitachi Magic Wand!

What makes it so amazing?

Have you ever turned one on? You would know straight away why it is amazing if you have ever turn one on. The buzzing is loud because it is STRONG. Hmm nothing makes my belly fill with excitement as much as hearing that buzzing sound.

You will never need another toy. They wand is very durable. The parts are still manufactured in Japan and assembled in China. This makes the wand one piece of high quality work. You will never have to replace it as it will outlive and outlast you.

There are limitless vibration options available. You can use the wand on its own but if you are someone who is after variety then this is also the toy for you. There are many attachments that can be purchased with the wand. My favorite is the G-Spotter attachment. Safe to use, it’s made out of food grade plastic, and hits the spot every time. If you are in Europe check out this review of the Europe magic wand massager

Girls Have More Fun With The  Hitachi Magic Wand


G-Spotter attachment

Some tips for using the Magic Wand

Okay, so if you are a Magic Wand newbie then consider using a towel or pillow to diffuse the vibrations. As mentioned above it is STRONG and some newbies get a bit scared. So soften the sensation with something.

Don’t run it for more then 30 minutes at a time and don’t leave it on by accident. I know it’s too good to put down but the vibrations are really strong and can cause overheating.

Use away from water even if it’s tempting to use it while you are relaxing in the shower it is NOT WATERPROOF. Don’t use it there unless you want to electrocute yourself.

So enough talking about how amazing it is. Go out and try it for yourself. Trust me you won’t be sorry, as it is truly the best adult toy there is. That’s why it is still around after so many years. Click here for more information on the Magic Wand.

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