Store review Babeland – NYC


Review - Babeland store in New York (NYC) Intro Hey guys and gals! This blog post will describe my experience going shopping for sex shops in the colorful New York sex shop sex shop called Babeland. My personal favorite! They have multiple adult shops in New York city (NYC) in different locations so it's always tempting to pop in to see what new kinky stuff they have on display... For those of you too horny to read more

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Pleasure Chest store review – NYC


Review - Pleasure Chest store in NYC Intro Hi guys and gals! Welcome to my review of one of the best sex shops in New York city (NYC): The Pleasure Chest. I was bored on a rainy weekend so I grabbed my boyfriend and we went to that legendary adult shop. Why didn't we just shop for sex toys online, you ask me? I strongly believe that part of the fun of shopping for sex toys to improve

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5 Best Sex Shops in New York


5 Best sex shops in New York - NYC 5 Best sex shops in New York - NYC 1. Pleasure Chest Good news: I updated all the information in this blog post today to make sure it is still relevant and up to date. I added the latest Yelp reviews and also made some tweaks for the page to load faster if you are reading it on a mobile phone. Happy browsing! Spice up your

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