7 Must-Try Sex Positions for Mind-Blowing Orgasms


7 Must-Try Sex Positions for Mind-Blowing Orgasms There is a whole lot of sex positions invented ever since man became aware of what sex was, and these positions differ from culture to culture. Some are similar or are derived from one particular sect— whereas the Kama Sutra is a perfect example.   Furthermore, as the world evolves, the concept of sex and the corresponding positions evolved as well. Foreplay, missionary, cowgirl, etc., are just among the many sex position names. Also, to justify the most fantastic feeling of orgasm, these positions are studied by scholars to be constituted for healthy sex.   Thus, finding the right

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6 Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Dating Platform


Are you looking for a date? When it comes to online dating, you might have way more choices that you realize. Not just in terms of potential matches – choices of dating platforms too. Some sites use complex algorithms to recommend matches, while others focus on strongly shared interests or beliefs. For anyone who already knows what floats their boat, chances are there’s a dating platform out there that’ll do the job perfectly. If you aren’t sure what the choices are yet, here are 6 questions that’ll get you started. 1. What kind of active user base does the platform have – huge and widespread, or

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Sex from Another Perspective: Why Would He Needs a Strap-On?


Sex from Another Perspective: Why Would He Needs a Strap-On? Have you ever thought about spicing up your sex life? Perhaps you’ve even tried some new positions or toys, but you still feel like there’s something more exciting to explore. Well, what about strap-ons? What? you may ask. Well, strap-ons are not only for people without penises. There are actually a lot of reasons why you would want to try it in your sex life, even if there’s already one (or more?) penis in your relationship. Yes, there’s indeed a whole variety of strap-ons for men - from those used to aid their ED to the

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How Sex Toys Affect Your Relationship


People still can’t reach a consensus about the way sex toys affect a relationship. While many embrace the idea, others still look down on adult toys and don’t consider them a normal part of an intimate routine. The truth of the matter is easy to understand. As long as sex toy use is consensual and properly discussed with a partner, it can add a brand new (positive) dimension to a relationship. If you’re thinking about the possibility, you should definitely explore the following ways in which adult toys are going to impact your partnership. Sex Toys Build Trust Bringing up the subject and having an honest

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5 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Your Sex Life


5 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Your Sex Life Image Source: Unsplash To think of a humble weed spicing up bedroom fantasies is not a wild guess, but the truth. Cannabis is a multifaceted herb with aphrodisiac qualities and capabilities. The popularity of cannabis in the sexual department is rising with the legalization of marijuana in the US. More extended penetration, reduced irritation is making sex more enjoyable. Though results vary from person to person, cannabis is adding a spark to sex life. In the health and wellness space, cannabis is climbing up the sexual performance chart. Let us find the ways by which cannabis is proving its

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Tips For Making Your Genitalia Larger


Tips For Making Your Genitalia LargerMany men are self-conscious about the size of their penis, hence experiencing a lack of self-confidence, emotional problems, or even erectile dysfunction, induced by anxiety. Apart from practicing stretching exercises, males looking for genital extension are advised to look for a penis extender.These medical devices are designed to increase the length and girth of the male organ, both in the flaccid and erectile state. Penis stretchers should be worn for no longer than four hours daily in order to prevent injuries and discomfort.In case you are looking for a genital extension solution, the following tips will help you purchase the right instrument.Select

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5 Best Sex Coaches for Men


5 Best sex coaches for men... Coaching you how to please women! 1. Caitlin V. Neal The best sex coach for men is Caitlin V. Neal You can fix your sex problems with her coaching for men regarding: Erectile disfunction Premature ejaculation Lack of confidence in bed Check out her Youtube videos to get free tips to help with your erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or lack of confidence in bed. You can find tons of free videos related to sex coaching for men on her Youtube channel. (She

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7 Ways to Hookup Without Having Sex


7 Ways to Hookup Without Having Sex It’s your first date, but you can tell that you want to be with this person for a long time. You can know more about what to expect on the first date on this site here. However, it’s too awkward to have sex right away as you are still unsure what the other person’s feelings are for you. If you want to make the other person like you, but it’s too soon to go to bed, the great thing is that you can calibrate the gears without ruining what you have in the moment - or without making the

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A Guide to Buying The Best Anal Toys For Men


A Guide to Buying The Best Anal Toys For Men Anal toys have become popular among many couples as well as single people. They are meant to put you in the mood of intense sex. If you are sexually active and looking forward to spicing up your sex life, then this is a sex tool you should never miss in the bedroom. For men, anal toys stimulate the p-spot which is equivalent to a g-spot in women. These stimulations arouse extreme sexual urges and can really improve your sex game. For beginners, getting the ideal anal toy can be quite challenging. Here are some of the

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How can a woman get mind-blowing orgasms?


How can a woman get mind-blowing orgasms? Not every woman on the planet depends on a men for their pleasure but some take the matter in their own hands to ensure that the men don't ruin it for them. Some of you might even have a guy around and still can't wait to treat yourself any time soon. Especially, in times like this when we're all stuck at home doing nothing and meeting nobody, it's important that we explore our bodies to the best potential. If you're one of those women we mentioned, check out some great techniques and tips for your mind-blowing masturbating

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