A Guide to Buying The Best Anal Toys For Men


Anal toys have become popular among many couples as well as single people. They are meant to put you in the mood of intense sex. If you are sexually active and looking forward to spicing up your sex life, then this is a sex tool you should never miss in the bedroom.

For men, anal toys stimulate the p-spot which is equivalent to a g-spot in women. These stimulations arouse extreme sexual urges and can really improve your sex game.

For beginners, getting the ideal anal toy can be quite challenging. Here are some of the key factors to consider when buying anal toys. You can also find more information by checking out various guide to anal toys that are available online.

  • Before you try anal toys, seek advice from a good sex coach for men

Before you even think of purchasing an anal toy, it is recommended to seek advice from a good sex coach for men. These types of professionals have more experience than you when it comes to exploring anal toys and anal sex, and their sex coaching for men and advice can help you discover your body and fantasies.

  • Price

When you think of purchasing an anal toy, also think of how much you are willing to spend on the toy. With the plenty of options available, choose one that is within your budget.

Nonetheless, make sure you have all the information about the quality and uses of your preferred toy. A good quality anal toy will serve you longer and give you value for your ill-earned cash. Safety is also an important factor to consider before opting for a particular toy regardless of its price.

Anal toys made from silicone or glass are body-safe but slightly expensive. In this case, we recommend spending a bit more for something safer.

  • Mechanism of Operation

Before getting a sex toy, it is important to note that various anal toys have different mechanisms of operation. some anal toys use rechargeable batteries, other dry cells while others are operated manually. with this in mind, you can easily get the right toy depending on your taste. Similarly, the mode of operation dictates the price of the butt toys. This is something you should also consider.

  • Size and Shape

Like any other product, anal toys come in different sizes and shapes. Depending on your taste, you can choose one with a large rounded bulb or one with deep ridges. Others have slim necks and flared bases while others have pointy tips. Anal toys with a lean diameter are the best options for beginners. Choose a toy that fits to avoid hurting yourself in the long run. Plus, if you want something portable, go for a smaller size. Click here to see a few types.

  • Materials/compounds

The best quality anal toys are made from silicone and glass. Although those made from these materials are quite expensive, they are worth your health and safety. Silicone is smooth, flexible, and non-porous which makes it germs free and easy to use.

Likewise, glass toys are smooth, shiny, and easy to sterilize. They are also shatterproof and can last you a lifetime if well taken care of. On the other hand, anal toys made from anal beads or jelly rubber are cheaper but hazardous to your health.

The last thing you want is choosing a cheap and horrid anal toy then you end up regretting it.


  • Trusted brands

Knowing the best brand providers is a great start when you are shopping for that ideal anal toy. This assures you of high-quality products, outstanding customer service, and great prices. Consider buying from a manufacturer with your best interests at heart. To easily identify a good supplier, always read deeper on the various online customer reviews about a certain brand. Customer reviews provide a better insight into the performance of the product which translates to its quality.

  • Vibrating vs non-vibrating

The main reason for buying the anal toy is to spice up your sex life. A vibrating anal toy can give a whole new level of pleasure to your anal sex experience.

This is because the rectal tissues are very sensitive, so the vibration can increase the sensations and bring you to a powerful climax. You could also hit the prostate gland with the vibrator for a better experience.

Vibrating butt plugs also relax the sphincter muscles making the entire process painless and successful. Without a doubt, vibrating anal toys are more appealing than the non-vibrating ones from the way they give extra stimulation. However, some people find it hectic fiddling with batteries and cords, so it depends entirely on you.

  • Type of use

Anal toys are designed to give maximum pleasure if used properly. Beginners are advised to first train themselves using slow and less sophisticated anal toys. This is what literally every single sex coach for men I’ve ever met will tell you. Anal sex needs to be explored slowly and carefully, otherwise, you could ruin the experience forever.They should also go for anal toys with a flared base to avoid accidents in case they accidentally insert it too deeply.

If you are looking for bigger and more exciting toys, you will also need to use a lot of lube to avoid injuries. For a seasoned user, you could try something like the PipeDream Vibrating Ass Blaster to take the stimulation to the extreme.

You could also combine this with a prostate massager like the Classix Prostate Stimulator for extra stimulation. For those who find outdoor sex enticing, you could get a butt plug designed for wearing for a long time as you move around.

  • Anal toy cleaner

Cleaning your anal toy regularly keeps it free from bacteria and odor. As you shop for your favorite toy, make sure you buy a cleaner too. Cleaning your anal toy with a good cleanser ensures its longevity as well.

  • Lubricants

Sexual lubricants are important, especially for anal sex. This is one of the first tips that my sex coach for men told me when she introduced me to anal toys. This is crucial because your butt does not produce natural lubricants and is prone to tear. Anal lubricants ensure a smooth penetration of the anal toy and protect the rectum from tear. See this link to know more on how you can choose your toys: https://sarahpinto.com/7-tips-in-choosing-the-best-anal-toy/ 



Introducing anal toys to your sex life could be somewhat a sexual awakening. Ones you start enjoying the pleasure brought by these toys, your sex life may never be the same again. With the variety of anal toys available, go for one with the best quality from the best stores. Whether you are an expert or new to anal toys, be sure to consider the guidelines provided. These toys can be bought offline or on various online stores depending on the buyer’s preferences. Nevertheless, always practice safe sex by maintaining proper hygiene and including a good anal lube to your game.