7 Ways to Hookup Without Having Sex


It’s your first date, but you can tell that you want to be with this person for a long time. You can know more about what to expect on the first date on this site here. However, it’s too awkward to have sex right away as you are still unsure what the other person’s feelings are for you.

If you want to make the other person like you, but it’s too soon to go to bed, the great thing is that you can calibrate the gears without ruining what you have in the moment – or without making the other person cry that “it’s not fair.”

Preparation is King

You need to prepare the other person for what you have in mind. Set clear expectations before kissing, hugging, or holding hands. Be sly and say something like, “Hey, this is sort of fooling around – Don’t think that you can see all the moves that I have to offer later on,” and hopefully, your date will take the hint.

Show with your Hands – And Words

You can kiss on your first date, but if you notice that the hands are wandering on the off-limits areas, for now, stop them. You can try to whisper things like, “No, there’s no rush today.” You can take his or her hands to areas where you feel more comfortable and continue hooking up.

Outside is the Best Place

If you don’t trust yourself with a simple hookup, it’s better to kiss outside. Avoid any scenarios where intimacy can lead to something more profound. If your date suggests that maybe it’s time to go to his place, then there are many bars in your area that you can go to if you want to continue the “conversation.”

Hooking Up Without the Sex


Sure, you and your date may be sexting or having intimate conversations before you see each other. But for many people, getting comfortable with their dates is the first step to deciding if they are right for each other.

Now, don’t get everything wrong. It doesn’t mean that the first person you date is the one you’re going to marry. It also doesn’t mean that the person that you are sexting will become your life partner. You should be careful when testing the waters, especially if this is your first date.

Don’t appear too eager to go to bed, as this can turn off your potential mate. They might think that anyone who can have sex with them on the first night is someone who can do the same thing to their other dates.

This is why hooking up but not letting the other person touch your intimate areas are essential if it’s the first meeting. If you want to get more comfortable, here are different experiences that you can emulate to have hookups at the beginning of a budding relationship.

Cuddling and Falling Asleep Together

A user in a magazine website called Aquilao shared that he cuddled with someone the whole night without having sex with her. This is something that shows vulnerability and intimacy that is common to married people. You can also try the same thing, especially if it’s your third or fourth date, and you are sure that the other person you connected to on the best sex sites that found or on Tinder can become your significant other. You don’t have to marry them but sleeping together makes you more comfortable with each other.

Hugging Tightly

When the user Kittenrunner experienced being wrapped tightly in someone’s arms, she literally felt heaven on earth. She said that she could feel maximum security when her date cuddles her and becomes sweet with her. Cuddles and spooning don’t need intercourse for couples to be closer together.

Rubbing Lotion at the Back

Many dates take place at the pool or at the ocean. The chlorine dries a woman’s skin, so she spends a lot of time rubbing lotion on her ass and back, so they stay moisturized. These things are non-sexual for some but can arouse her.

Other Things to Remember


Regardless of whether you are a guy or a girl, you have full control of your body at any point in the date. You have the power to stop what’s happening if it’s becoming uncomfortable for you. You can rescind hooking up whenever you don’t feel doing it.

On the first date, you may not be close, but it’s essential to know that anything you and your date decided to do should be consensual. The key to this is clear communication that lets the other person know about your boundaries that should be respected.

Remember that you can have an excellent make-out session without having sex and without needing to offend the other person. You can know more tips about making out here. You should be comfortable stepping on the brakes and saying NO if you don’t want to.

There is plenty of time for you to get to know each other and you might end up having crazy sex in a few months and maybe even explore your fantasies at a sex shop in your city. See our review of the best sex shop in New York here.

You can take all the time that you need, slow things down with someone, and experience delayed gratification. It makes you want to look forward to another date when it’s okay to have sex with the other person, and they will think that you are not “easy.” Another thing is that you both can have a good time without a sexual encounter. Keep the mood light, fun, and super casual, and you can expect to receive a second invitation for a date the next time.

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