7 Must-Try Sex Positions for Mind-Blowing Orgasms

There is a whole lot of sex positions invented ever since man became aware of what sex was, and these positions differ from culture to culture. Some are similar or are derived from one particular sect— whereas the Kama Sutra is a perfect example.


Furthermore, as the world evolves, the concept of sex and the corresponding positions evolved as well. Foreplay, missionary, cowgirl, etc., are just among the many sex position names. Also, to justify the most fantastic feeling of orgasm, these positions are studied by scholars to be constituted for healthy sex.


Thus, finding the right spot is a necessary knowledge to acquire in order to achieve orgasm. The question then is, what sex position can provide you with a mind-blowing orgasm? To better understand this matter, here are some sex positions that you can try exploring.

Modified Missionary Position

The missionary position is the most typical sex position. The woman is lying on her back, and then the man gets to penetrate in a somewhat push-up position. This position is designed for deep penetration and comfortable thrusting. Smooth penetration is more attainable using lube for guys.

Another version of the missionary is called the modified missionary position, also known as the butterfly position. The man will penetrate in a standing stance while the woman lies down on her back. Her hips are on the edge of the bed as her legs reach over his shoulders.

This position provides deeper penetration. The angle gives way to cervical stimulation, thus, hitting the right spot for a powerful orgasm.

Happy Scissors Position

The happy scissors position starts off with the woman raising her legs at full extension while the man holds the ankles. This position allows easy movement and more thrusting control. It provides more room for constant thrusting, which is what every woman wants.

The Seated Scissors Position

The seated scissors position gives the woman control. The woman sits on top with her legs over the man’s leg. While lying on his back, the woman gets to bounce, rub, and wiggle all she wants. Hence, she will have full control over her orgasm.

This position allows the woman to gauge the depth of penetration and the intensity of her thrusting in order to hit her sensitive spots. In this way, she surely will achieve a powerful orgasm.

Get-Off, Stand-Up Position

The get-off, stand-up position is only applicable if the woman has a more petite body built than the man. This position allows the man to lift her up and penetrate in a standing position. It also gives you a chance to be more sensual since you are wrapped around each other. Thus, establishing a deeper connection between you two.

This position can also be done off a wall for stability. It can be a tiring position, but the gains overpower the exhaustion. There is definitely a mind-blowing orgasm ahead.

Reverse Cowgirl Position

The cowgirl position explains itself. The woman rides on top like a cowgirl, thrusting and rubbing wildly. This position provides complete control of the woman’s orgasm by determining which spot she has to focus grinding and pounding.

On the other hand, the reverse cowgirl position is practically just facing the opposite direction. This position allows the woman to get rid of her shyness by facing away from the man. It also provides better thrusting and grinding control to the woman and the man vice versa.

Knees to Chest Position

The knees to chest position push the woman’s knees towards her chest while the man positions himself on top, ready to penetrate and thrust. This position allows both parties maximum stimulation. The resulting angle gives way to a deeper penetration reaching just the right spot. It also provides better leverage for more consistent and powerful thrusting.

The Countertop Position

The countertop position works like the butterfly position. Instead of being in bed this time around, you are going to utilize tables and countertops. The woman is lying on her back on a table while he stands there, ready for action.

This position is mostly seen in movies where romantic escapades lead to sex scenes on top of the office tables. Imagine all those table supplies and papers getting swept aside during these scenes. Thus, giving off an effective romantic vibe for movie viewers.



Sex is great as it is. What makes it better is the whole experience. This includes kissing, body contact, sex positions, and, more importantly, orgasm. There is no right or wrong position. It will all sum up to what you did to keep your partner satisfied. You can also use sex toys while doing any of the positions above to spice things up!

Remember, the key to a mind-blowing orgasm is not always the positions you tried. Sometimes it is all about the effort you exert in giving the other party the orgasm they deserve.