The hottest tech gear on the market is absolutely virtual reality, and there’s a number of ways to use it, even if you’re not into video games.

Think of two things that absolutely define 2020. If you’ve come up with VR and COVID, you’re not alone. The pandemic has helped VR technology explode, while the technology has helped ease some of the frustrations we’ve felt while in isolation. While most people automatically think of weird video games and antisocial uber-nerds when they hear the term “Virtual Reality”, the truth is this burgeoning technology reaches much farther than just space odysseys and middle earth quests.

In fact, there are a number of applications that could easily integrate into any household, whether yours is into games or not. Here are five creative and immersive ways to integrate VR technology into your home, no gamer tag necessary.

In the Bedroom

Lockdown libido is absolutely a real thing. Couples have been spending so much time together at home, that it’s begun to bring a dull sheen to their more intimate veneers. However, if you’re looking to spice up the monotony, companies like Badoink VR porn can offer a whole compendium of fun and exciting experiences to help you get out of your COVID rut. VR erotica has gotten some special praise of late, as it’s being used to intensify arousal and help some couples get their groove back.

Online Shopping

Retail therapy has been indispensable to most of us during these times, as we spend more time at home, we finally have time to get to our to-do lists, redesigning our living rooms, and landscaping our yards. The worst part about online shopping is that you have no ability to try on or try out, products before you buy them. Well, you didn’t have that option. VR experiences used by some of the biggest e-commerce retailers now allow their customers to try out nearly anything from furniture to clothing, using a VR headset.

Pandemic Friendly Travel

If you’re one of the millions that have had travel plans fall through thanks to global shutdowns or an uncertain economy, you’re in luck. Well-known names in travel, like the ever-useful Thomas Cook have released VR experiences that allow you to travel around and experience a bit of that holiday magic, all without ever having to step on a plane or pack a bag. Google expedition takes the imaginative excursions to a new level, allowing users to see more of the world than they’d ever dreamed.

Your Future Home

The pandemic has changed a ton of things about the way we live our lives. Not just how we work and play, but also where we want to live. In the UK, the housing market is 34% higher than it was a year ago, as more people are working from home and starting to consider where they’d like to land without the commute. VR technologies are finding footing in this new seller’s market. Real estate companies are teaming up with tech giants to create virtual tours of available homes, allowing potential buyers to fully immerse themselves in the properties they’re most interested in, without ever leaving their own house.

Make Learning Fun

Arguably one of the most difficult aspects of COVID-associated lockdowns has been trying to get your kids engaged in their school work, while stuck at home. If you’re a parent, you absolutely know what we’re talking about. While laptops and tablets have become a key part of our children’s educational system, bring. In VR at home could make the whole situation a lot more fun and engaging. Allowing your kids a virtual window into more accessible education that just might help increase learning retention levels.