5 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Your Sex Life


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To think of a humble weed spicing up bedroom fantasies is not a wild guess, but the truth. Cannabis is a multifaceted herb with aphrodisiac qualities and capabilities. The popularity of cannabis in the sexual department is rising with the legalization of marijuana in the US. More extended penetration, reduced irritation is making sex more enjoyable.

Though results vary from person to person, cannabis is adding a spark to sex life. In the health and wellness space, cannabis is climbing up the sexual performance chart. Let us find the ways by which cannabis is proving its influence on sexual acts.    


Cannabis Can Bring Pain Relief During Sex.


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Pain during intercourse is a common complaint in 3 out of 4 women universally. It may be a temporary problem, but it ruins the pleasure and intimacy. Cannabis application to the female genitals is a reliable method to get pain relief. There are natural arousal lubes infused with THC at the drugstores to reduce discomfort and heighten sensation.

Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa? If you are keen on intimate romance, the Indica strain is an ideal option. If your partner likes workout sex, then go for Sativa. You can always control the quality of cannabis yield at home by using the highest quality marijuana seeds.  


Cannabis May Enhance The Senses.


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A sunset looking more beautiful or a musical note uplifting your senses are all heightened feelings. It is important to know that cannabis can heighten sensory pleasure. According to a 2014 study, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) propels your mood into a state of euphoria, which can stimulate the appetite for physical pleasure.

Noisier sounds, richer tastes, lesser pain result from heightened sensory perception. The medical weed is brilliant in converting boredom on the bed into a participative and indulging night.


Cannabis May Relieve Anxiety.

Nervousness adds to the unease during intercourse, upsetting the experience of physical union. To enjoy sex, the mind needs to free itself of negative thoughts. An anxious mind is one of the greatest hindrances in sexual pleasure.

CBD can improve brain sensitivity to feel-good chemicals like serotonin. Low levels of serotonin raise anxiety and stress. CBD gummies or any other CBD product may help to reduce anxiety before sex.


Cannabis Can Regulate Sex-Related Hormones.

Apart from serotonin, cannabis can also lower the stress-inducing hormone called cortisol by interacting with neurotransmitters in the body. It may also activate the nervous system, encouraging a restful state before and during sex.

CBD regulates the body’s sensitivity to estrogen hormones in women. This enhances a woman’s sexual receptivity to her male partner.  


Cannabis May Improve Orgasms In Women.


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Sex without an orgasm is next to impossible. It is a stimulating goal in a sexual relationship. But many people cannot achieve orgasm.  

Cannabis has shown positive results in achieving orgasm. In a scientific review paper of 2019, extracts of cannabis helped get more intense orgasms by increasing blood flow to the body tissues.



If you are new to Cannabis, start with low doses. Increase the dose slowly until you pull off a stimulating and satisfying sexual experience. However, before incorporating the substance, consult an expert.


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