5 Ways to use VR at home for adults…


The hottest tech gear on the market is absolutely virtual reality, and there’s a number of ways to use it, even if you’re not into video games. Think of two things that absolutely define 2020. If you’ve come up with VR and COVID, you’re not alone. The pandemic has helped VR technology explode, while the technology has helped ease some of the frustrations we’ve felt while in isolation. While most people automatically think of weird video games and antisocial uber-nerds when they hear the term “Virtual Reality”, the truth is this burgeoning technology reaches much farther than just space odysseys and middle earth quests. In fact,

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7 Must-Try Sex Positions for Mind-Blowing Orgasms


7 Must-Try Sex Positions for Mind-Blowing Orgasms There is a whole lot of sex positions invented ever since man became aware of what sex was, and these positions differ from culture to culture. Some are similar or are derived from one particular sect— whereas the Kama Sutra is a perfect example.   Furthermore, as the world evolves, the concept of sex and the corresponding positions evolved as well. Foreplay, missionary, cowgirl, etc., are just among the many sex position names. Also, to justify the most fantastic feeling of orgasm, these positions are studied by scholars to be constituted for healthy sex.   Thus, finding the right

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