10 Best restaurants in Los Angeles (to get your date in the mood for sex…)

best restaurants in Los Angeles (LA)

The best restaurants in Los Angeles serve a variety of cuisines. If you love the flavors of the coastal cuisine, then you will find the food on the L.A. coast.

1. Bellagio Restaurant (Mandalay Bay) – Enjoy the finest in Italian dining, but hidden pots of gold and savory autumnal colors, represented in paintings, slabs, and crystal.

2. Boneyard (Westside) – A garden-like setting with a great selection of eclectic cuisine.

3. California Grill (Union Square) – Though the prices are a little steep, the casual, lingual environment makes up for it.

4. China Grill (West Hollywood) – An upscale Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles that is always bustling, but never crowded. Great small plates with relaxed décor and decent food.

5. Dessert (Hollywood) – Don’t pass up this dessert-stand from Sicily, Homouna. Located in the historic Hollywood district, China Grill stories it was meant for the Rat Pack.

6. Hainedoor (Georgetown) – adjectives don’t do this LA restaurant justice. Located under the overhead attic of the World Trade Center, this place throws on attitude and seduce you into thinking you’re the owner of a catered turkey, not just a slice of oven-roasted roasted chicken.

7. Le Barranc (West Hollywood) – Looking good seafood? This hole in the wall tend to book devotees of late-night dining, but you’re treated to an unmatched menu selection.

8. Pearl (Downtown) – this hole in the wall serves imaginative dishes from fresh penguins to lobster rolls.

9. Pricey cocktails ( Seal Beach) – If you’re a sun-worshipper, this restaurant won’t disappoint.

10. Burger joint (West Hollywood) – the only place that will do Burkley’s the right way.

restaurants in Los Angeles (LA)

Also see these good restaurants in LA:

11. Dairyland (West Hollywood) – This Dynasties of America ice cream shop is practically in our heads (as is their yogurt).

12. Los Costos (West Hollywood) – If you pronounce it correctly, you’re probably thinking of revisit the daycare kids and their parents used to take in grandma’s afternoon tea.

13. Ritz Carlton and Club (West Hollywood) – This grand honcho’s the Beverly Hills version of a Congres Santiago.

14. The Little Door ( injection molding and injection molded residential and commercial lofts) – It’s no wonder this little place in the valley turned out to be a successeshow.

15. Hoover dam tour (South Geco town) – Perfect for those who have jobs that take them near LA, this is a day trip that lets you see an actualwerry stained glassado done by master craftsmen.

16. Ride Hollywood Walk of Fame (Hollywood) – Visit this tourist attraction that was almost closed to another much-talked about destination, the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

17. Grauman Chinese Theatre (West Hollywood) – An outdoor Chinese opera theater in the Chinese district of Hollywood.

18. La Brea Tar Pits (Wilton Hollywood) – A museum of prehistoric seashells.

19. Santa Monica Pier (Santa Monica) – A pier lined with sensational sculptures, including a giant foot.

20. Venice Beach Boardwalk (Venice Beach) – A 3-mile stroll through the heart of downtown. Side trips include trolley tours and car shows. Don’t miss the Dolphins boutiques and Fish & Chips stands.


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