genuine hitachi magic wand massager HV-250R also named magic wand original HV-260

How can I be sure that you sell the GENUINE Magic Wand?

We hate fakes too! We wish we could kick the butt of everyone selling fake and counterfeit Magic Wands! It is illegal and immoral! We just want to make people happy and help you have awesome orgasms :) Here are the proofs that you’ll get the real, genuine, awesome Magic Wand Original by Hitachi when you buy from us:



Genuine or Your Money Back

If you believe that you received a fake, just return it to us for a full refund. Easy!


You will feel its power!

You will know that it is genuine as soon as you turn it on! The Magic Wand is literally 5 times stronger than any other vibrator you’ve ever tried. Fakes have weak vibrations. It also gives orgasms that are 5 times more intense… fakes don’t.


Paypal’s Buyer Protection

Paypal protects you, the buyer, against any fraud. If you would receive a fake Magic Wand, all you would have to do is use Paypal’s resolution centre and they would force us to refund you! (after you returned the item to us of course)


Sourced from Vibratex

We source our Magic Wands directly from Hitachi, through their official (and only) distributor Vibratex. Vibratex is a industry-leading sex toy company in the U.S. since 1984, this is why Hitachi trusts them to distribute the Magic Wand Original… Vibratex would never sell fakes to us!


Hitachi Warranty

The Magic Wand comes with the genuine ‘1 Year Warranty’ papers from Hitachi. If it breaks, we will even help you get it fixed or replaced!


We Hate Fakes!

We help fighting against fakes: we often buy genuine Magic Wands out of our own pocket and give them to bloggers so they can tell their readers how to recognize fake, counterfeit products. That way, we help people not get ripped off by scammers. One of these blog posts can be found here.

Beware of FAKE Hitachi Magic Wands sold on Amazon & Ebay!

fake magic wand original counterfeit copy of the Hitachi massager


  • Over 95% of Magic Wands sold on Amazon & Ebay are fake!
  • Weak vibrations (small 3.7v volts motor)
  • Not electrically safe… sometimes catches on fire!
  • Often breaks within 3-6 months without warranty
  • Made of toxic phthalates


  • We sell the genuine Magic Wand from Hitachi (distributor: Vibratex)
  • Powerful vibrations (large 110v volts motor)
  • ETL certified & compliant with electric safety standards
  • Durable (some people use it for 10 years+) & 1 year warranty
  • Phthalate-free, 100% body-safe

genuine magic wand original massager and vibrator by Hitachi

Ready for intense orgasms?